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S-T-U-F Multifunctional T-shirt with 15 Features

Introducing S-T-U-F multifunctional T-shirt with 15 features that are specially designed for people living in a tropical country like Malaysia.     1. Botanic Fibres Photo credit: Hale Magazine S-T-U-F's T-shirts are made of TENCEL™ lyocell fibres. The natural fibre derived from Eucalyptus trees that sourced from sustainably managed forests in Austria and its neighbouring countries.   2. Adjust Body Temperature Photo credit: Medical News Today TENCEL™ is the best saviour in hot weather. The luxury fibre can keep you cool throughout the hot day while letting you stay warm in a cold indoor. It simply adjusts your body temperature wherever you are.   3. Highly Breathable Unlike synthetic fibre like polyester, TENCEL™ allows higher breathability for your skin to give...

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The Fibre of Future: TENCEL™

TENCEL™ is a branded name for the cellulosic fibre that generally called lyocell. The brand is a trademark that belongs to the Austrian-based company, Lenzing AG. Lyocell fibre is the third generation of rayon fabric founded in 1988. Hence, the fibre owns the name 'a fibre of future'. TENCEL™ is certified as biodegradable and compostable, which resulted in the ability to revert into nature under soil and marine conditions.   From nature, back to nature.   TENCEL™ lyocell fibre is very durable and has a long-lasting quality which distinguished by their greater strength among cellulose fibres. Lyocell fibres exhibit a smooth and sheen surface that absorbs moisture more efficiently than other natural fibres. It works in supporting the body's natural...

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Why is Sustainable Fashion matter to us?

  In just recent years, the fashion industry is quickly arisen to become one of the most polluting industries in the entire world that brings a disastrous impact on the environment. Despite many penitential backers, especially the fast-fashion brands putting their weight behind practising sustainable and ethical fashion, yet they are the main culprits for creating a huge waste problem in terms of overflowing the landfills across the world. It is believed that the wastage will outlive the following generations of human civilization. What makes the leading fast-fashion brands to gain legions of followers? By offering product ranges at low prices to lure the consumers for the sake of achieving a very profitable yet unethical business. Sadly, the consumers are...

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