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About Us


We believe that nothing beats, high-quality everyday wear that gives you long-lasting comfort.
S-T-U-F strives to craft affordable clothing, with one of the world's best multi-functional fibres that benefit not only you but also, our dear planet. 
We pledge to provide unparalleled comfort and to keep you looking good in our essential wear. We also ensure your choice of clothing helps save the environment for future generations.

Hence, S-T-U-F stands for 'Solve The Unpleasant Feeling' and 'Save The Uncertain Future'.


Multifunctional Austrian Fabric

The luxurious and environmentally responsible lyocell fibre, TENCEL used in our collection is sourced from Austrian-based company LENZING .
This material is produced via an award-winning European technology that uses less water and energy in the production process to transform the multifunctional fibre. 
We love the silky hand-feel of the fibres made from the wood pulp of eucalyptus trees, which makes the fabric extraordinarily breathable and provides long-lasting softness. It is suitable for everyone, especially those with sensitive skin.



Honest Pricing

 Due to the technology required to produce TENCEL lyocell fibres, the luxurious material has a lower availability, which makes it more expensive than other sustainable fibres. 

However, we genuinely believe that everybody deserves such exceptional material at an affordable price. Thus, we have eliminated any unnecessary cost to maintain the markup at only 1x instead of the traditional rate at 4x - 7x.